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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Has your pet been spayed/neutered? The Taipei City Dog and Cat Spaying/Neutering Subsidy is still available.2023-09-26
2MRT Wanda Line Phase II Puts BIM Integration Technology to Good Use to Overcome Difficulties in the Construction2023-09-23
3Taipei City Fire Department's "5G Transmission-Immediate Rescue" Wins Special Award for Creative Proposal from City Government2023-09-22
4Safety City, You and Me Enjoy The Community Disaster Preparedness Carnival2023-09-22
5Chinese Moon Festival special activities2023-09-21
6Stay Safe During an Earthquake, Video 119 App Ensures Your Safety. The Wanhua District Community Disaster Prevention Event2023-09-21
7Retention Schedule for Personal Data and Case Information Regarding the Petitions & Dispatches Taipei City Government Received2023-09-15
82023 National Disaster Prevention Day Event2023-09-14
9Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Joy and Embrace Enjoy The Community Disaster Preparedness Carnival2023-09-14
10The 809th meeting of Taipei Urban Planning Commission will be held on Sep 21, 20232023-09-14
111999 Taipei Citizen Hotline Service Website Will be Down for Maintenance2023-09-14
12DOF visited Lienchiang County Government, exchanging ideas on financial management and professional knowledge of tobacco and alcohol.2023-09-13
13Grand opening of the 2023 Guandu International Nature Art Festival A marvelous intersection of nature and art created by international artists!2023-09-12
14DOF, Taipei City Government, participated in the Pan Pacific Congress of Real Estate Appraisers, Valuers and Counselors, sharing experiences in public property valuation and housing tax base assessment.2023-09-08
15A hundred-dollar dynamic lighting fixture enhances the safety of over ten thousand law enforcement personnel2023-09-06
16City Receives Donation of 2,000 Portable Hearing Amplifiers2023-09-06
17TPEDOIT Sets up Shop at 2023 Daegu Chimac Festival2023-09-06
18Mayor Inspects Ongoing Construction at Minquan Bridge2023-09-05
19Taipei Reports Two New Indigenous Dengue Fever Cases2023-09-05
20New Embankment Mural Artwork “DAYDREAM TAIPEI” Unveiled near Dazhi Bridge in Dajia Riverside Park2023-09-04