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Taipei City Goverment

City News

NO.TitlePublish Date
1Mayor Ko Attends Thanksgiving Gala Celebrating MRT 10 Billionth Trip2019-05-20
2Taipei City Inter-school Street Dance Competition – Free Admission May 252019-05-20
3Maokong Gondola Closed for Inspection/Repair: May 20 to June 42019-05-17
4Befriending the World - Eid al-Fitr Celebration in Taipei Bedazzles Muslims2019-05-17
52019 Xikou Cultural Festival – Event Information2019-05-17
6Taipei Preschooler Football Games Celebrate Tenth Anniversary2019-05-16
72019 Wanhua Cultural Carnival and Population Policy Campaign2019-05-16
8201905 Taiwanin VeniceExhibition2019-05-16
9COMPUTEX 2019 to Focus on AI, IoT, Edge Computing Business Opportunities as 5G Launches2019-05-16
10New Thinking, New Engineering, and New Future - Continuous Growth of InnoVEX 2019 Sees 467 Startup Teams from 24 Countries2019-05-16
11Garbage Collection in Taipei City Conducted at Designated Hours and Locations, with Sorted Recyclables to Be Collected on Selected Days of the Week2019-05-15
12Traffic Control, Pedestrian/Vehicle Evacuation for 2019 Wanan 42 Air Raid Drill2019-05-15
13Taipei Friendly GO! New Missions for Taipei AR Treasure Seekers2019-05-14
14Taipei Beitou Junior High School, Obonai Junior High School Become Sister Schools2019-05-14
152019 Dalongdong Scholar Cultural Festival – Learning the Six Arts and Baby Grab Objects Activity Kicks Off2019-05-10
16Let's Watch a Movie at Guandu Nature Park on Mother's Day Eve!2019-05-10
17Police Officers Promote Anti-drug Campaigns on Mother's Day 2019-05-09
18YouTubers with One Million Subscribers Sign up to Compete in the 2019 Taipei Dragon Boat Festival!2019-05-09
19Mayor Ko Attends the Heritage of Piety Thanksgiving Tea Sealing Festival 2019-05-08
20Hydrangeas Bloom to Follow White Calla Lily Flowering Period at Zhuzihu 2019-05-08