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Explanation of special leaves

Where a worker continues to work for one same employer or business entity for a certain period of time, he/ she shall be granted annual paid leaves on an annual basis on the following basis:
1. Seven days for the services of more than one year but less than three years.
2. Ten days for the service of more than three years but less than five years.
3. Fourteen days for the service of more than five years but less than ten years.
4. One additional day for each year of service over ten years up to a maximum of thirty days.
Wages shall be paid by an employer to a worker for taking an annual paid leave under Article 38. When an employer has obtained the consent of a worker to work on a holiday, he/ she shall pay the worker at double the regular rate for such work.
The annual paid leave mentioned in Article 38 of the Act shall be determined according to the following provisions:
1. The seniority on which the annual paid leave are calculated shall be rated according to the provisions of Article 5 of the Act.
2. Annual paid leave arrangements shall be made by mutual agreements between the workers and the employer.
3. Where annual paid leave have not been taken because of the end of the calendar year or the termination of contract, the employer shall pay wages for the days on which such days of leave should have been but were not taken.
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