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Can foreigner workers sign up in respective vocational training programs and further training courses held by Taipei City Vocational Development Institute?

Target audience:
1 For foreigners who hold ROC Citizenship, possesses a Certificate of Resident Status, or meets with the requirements outlined by Article 16, paragraphs 3 and 4 of the Immigration Act
2 For foreigners who are unemployed or in between jobs, are over age of 15 years, and have the intention of being employed (Other legislations regarding age consent may apply, if any)
Note: Due to the nature of the course content while maintaining teaching effectiveness, the applicant may have to meet the course requirement when signing up.
The following applicants may be prohibited from taking the course:
(1) Those who have participated in the programs within the last two years (i.e. the first two digits of labor insurance number is “09”)
(2) Those who are undertaking the course from the “training institutes” that are currently receiving subsidies from a governmental sector of any levels