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What documents are to be prepared when applying for an arbitration?

According to Article 28 of the Act for Settlement of Labor-Management Disputes, an application in writing by the parties for a hand-over arbitration shall be submitted together with the MEDIATION RECORD or a WRITTEN CONSENT of not going through mediation procedures; if a hand-over arbitration is applied for by any of the parties, documents pursuant to paragraph 2 to Article 25 of the Act shall be submitted.
“When one of the parties to an interest dispute is a worker of the following occupations, either party to the dispute may apply for a hand-over arbitration to the municipal or county/city competent authority.
A. Teachers
B. A worker who is employed by the Department of Defense and its affiliated agencies/institutes or schools
When one of the following industries are involved in an interest dispute and both parties fail to reach a minimum service clause, either party may apply for a hand-over arbitration to the Central Competent Authority.
A. Water supply businesses
B. Power and fuel supply businesses
C. Hospitals
D. Financial information service businesses engaging in the transfer or settlement of funds between banks, businesses dealing with securities or futures trading, settlement and custody, and other businesses handling payment systems.”
Contact division/office:Labor Standards Division Case Officer
Phone: 1999 extensions 7015-7019