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Wufenpu Garment District: Little Money for a New Wardrobe

1-3. Wufenpu has over 1,000 outlets selling trendy fashionsWhen you need some new clothes, something attractive, daring, sleek, trendy, and inexpensive, where in the world can you go? The Wufenpu Garment District, that's where! It's laid out before Songshan Railway Station; on the north side is Songlong Rd., on the south is Yongji Rd., on the west is Songshan Rd., on the east Zhongpo N. Rd. In this concentrated area are stuffed with more than 1,000 outlets selling fashionable clothing and accessories from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and other countries. This is the place to be if you enjoy shopping with various styles and a lot of options at a very reasonable cost. So, trust us when we say you really can't miss out on this discovery you've just made.

"Wufenpu" translates literally as “five parcels of land.” In early Qing Dynasty pioneering days when all about was uncultivated, five families of different surnames from Anxi County in Mainland China's Fujian Province settled on this land—hence the place name. In its early years the Wufenpu Garment District was filled with manufacturers of ready-made clothing, transforming after 1980 into a veritable camp for wholesalers. This is the region's key spot for street vendors to come looking for new items to sell. You'll frequently see such buyers, from all over the country, moving about hauling giant shopping bags. They move up and down the lanes and alleys within row upon row of shops, hunting for the perfect choices at the perfect low prices. All the shops here also welcome regular folk like you and me, shopping in small quantities, so don't worry, and the prices you'll get will still be much below regular market prices. This can be as much as NT$50~100 on the low end or up to NT$800~1,000 on the high end. Locals are always on the lookout for celebrities, who are also known to come here to dig for new-fashion treasure. Dresses, pants, skirts, belts, shoes, bags and purses—from head to toe, all you might dream of is here on display, so feel free to create your own style.

Over the years, virtually every shop in the district has switched to the trade, and you'll see clothing and accessories from all countries and styles in bursting displays. A variety of styles all seem to be on display at once and this is precisely why devoted shoppers love to come here. Not only will you find girls' fashions from Japan and Korea, upscale ladies' fashions from Europe and North America, but also hip-hop, punk, street, athletic wear, even the clothing of the region's ethnic minorities. There are also cute kiddies' garments, sentimental old-style goodies for the grandma crowd, classy gentlemen's apparel, and specialist seller of shoes, hats, and decorations. There's much for all age groups and tastes here, and you'll most definitely be joined by crowds of eager shoppers from each and every one of these age and taste groups.

4. Songshan Jinan Temple houses the spiritual protective deity5. The Wufenpu Garment District collects clothes from all around the world—young girls' fashions from Japan and Korea, ladies' fashions from Europe and North America that are more reserved and upscale, hip-hop, punk, street styles, athletic wear, and all kinds of accessories—attracting lots of people to shop here.6. The Wufenpu Garment District collects clothes from all around the world—young girls' fashions from Japan and Korea, ladies' fashions from Europe and North America that are more reserved and upscale, hip-hop, punk, street styles, athletic wear, and all kinds of accessories— attracting lots of people to shop here.

Songshan Jinan Temple on Alley 8, Lane 517, Yongji Rd. is the home of the garment district's guardian deity. The vendors in front sell delicious traditional snack treats such as crispy chicken steak, Cantonese congee, braised noodles, tapioca balls, and hot herbal jelly. You'll always find busy shoppers here replenishing their tanks with yummies before heading out for another round. Most of the shops in Wufenpu Garment District are open from around noon to about midnight. So get out to Wufenpu today for just the things to show off your trend-setting ways, at prices that show you're oozing with smarts too.

Wufenpu map

Wufenpu Garment District


  • MRT: Take Bannan Line to Houshanpi Station; walk straight from Exit No. 1 to intersection of Zhongpo N. Rd. and Yongji Rd.
  • Bus: Take No. 32, 46, 212, 240, 261, 277, 279, 299, or 611 to Songshan Rd. entrance, or 32,232, 281, 284, 286, or 611 to Songshan Railway Station.

First Street
(Alley 1, Lane 443, Alley 3, Lane 459, and Alley 1, Lane 517, Yongji Rd.) An area for this year's new youth fashions, attracts crowds of young shoppers.

Third Street
(Alley 3, Lane 443 and Alley 5, Lane 459, Yongji Rd.)
The area's densest cluster of shops specializing in US and Japanese youth styles, including dress and adornments, interspersed with shops exclusively selling shoes, hats, and decorative accessories.

Fifth Street
(Alley 5, Lane 443, Alley 7, Lane 459, and Alley 5, Lane 491, Yongji Rd.)
European and North American goods along with Japanese and Korean merchandise predominate, with some hip-hop and punk hops, making this the most alternative artery.

Seventh Street
(Alley 7, Lane 443, Alley 9, Lane 459, and Alley 7, Lane 491, Yongji Rd.)
Stuffed with shops displaying street fashions and athletic-style clothing plus young girls' and Korean wears.

Lane 443, Yongji Rd.
This is the“high street”of the Wufenpu conclave, featuring shops selling shoes, Korean apparel and accessories, and young Japan-crazy girls' fashions.

Lane 119, Songshan Rd.
Hong Kong, Korean dress and adornments predominate, with styles leaning toward ladies' refined and dignified goods, with the office crowd in the majority of shoppers.