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Taipei City Traffic Engineering Office Map

Traffic Engineering Office MapChung-Chiang Park  10、20、33、46、207、612、277、621、277、37 Chung-Chiang Park  10、20、33、46、207、612、277、621、277、 37 Inland Revenue House  10、33、207、46、277 Inland Revenue House  10、33、207、46、277 Sung-De Stop  20、22、37、46、277、288、612
AddressAddress:7F, 300 Songde Road, Taipei, Taiwan(R.O.C.) 


Bus Info
Bus Route
Bus Stop

33, 207, 46, 277, BL10

Dormitory of National Tax Administration of Taipei Approximately 5 minutes' walk
  20, 37 ,46, 277, 612 Songde Approximately 2 minutes' walk
Rapid Transit System Station
MRT Station
Transfer to Buses 
  Taipei City Hall Station Transfer to Bus No.BL 10, ride for approximately 15 minutes  
  Yongchun Station Transfer to Bus No. 277, ride for approximately 10 minutes