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Why to encourage impeachment? What’s the standard of award for encouraging someone impeaches corruption cases?

Basically, corruption is a type of crime with relative high "criminal black number" , and the identified cases are only a small part of the corruption that has occurred. Because the corruption is a kind of highly covert crime, the impeachment through the public will increase the exposure rate of the crime and, therefore, is much helpful to investigate and frighten out of the corruption.

According to "The Anti-Corruption Informant Rewards and Protection Regulation", the amount of rewards given to the informant shall be calculated based on the table as follows:

The Table of Rewards
The Judgment of the courtThe Amount of the Rewards
Beyond 15 Years imprisonment, life sentence, death sentenceNT 6.7 million dollars to NT 10 million dollars
Between 10 years and 15 years imprisonmentNT 4 million dollars to NT 6.7 million dollars
Between 7 years and 10 years imprisonmentNT 2.8 million dollars to NT 4 million
Between 5 years and 7 years imprisonmentNT 2 million dollars to NT 2.8 million dollars
Between 3 years and 5 years imprisonmentNT 1.4 million dollars to NT 2 million dollars
Between 1 year and 3 years imprisonmentNT 800,000 dollars to NT 1.4 million dollars
Less than 1 year of imprisonment, detention in jail, fineNT 300,000 dollars to NT 800,000 dollars