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What’s the specific difference and significance after the reform that transformed from the Second Department of Personnel in 1993?

After the reform, the Department became formally independent from the secret services or espionage organizations and was set up to fight and to prevent corruption. Administratively, it is a staff unit, taking orders from the mayor. But, with respect to its personnel and executive conduction, the Ministry of Justice has the authority.
Rectification of government ethics and promotion of integrity are increasingly advocated by the multitude and the entrepreneurs. And, the Department is doing its best to fight and to prevent corruption under the belief that protection is better than cure. In the future, the Department will continually put much more emphasis on prevention instead of investigation, benefits promotion instead of disadvantage prevention and service instead of intervention, aiming to make every civil servant proud of integrity and ashamed of corruption. Nevertheless, support and participation of the public are definitely necessary, in order to complete objectives of government ethics investigation and government integrity promotion.