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How can I apply for business registration for my parking lot?

According to the Article 4 of the Regulations Governing the Business Registration of Parking Lots in Taipei City, the following documents should be submitted to us for approval of the business operation:
1.Copy of the responsible person's ID card. If parking lots are established by a corporation or group other than a company or enterprise, the establishment registration document should be attached.
2.Application form
3.Specification of parking lot management
4.Layout map of the parking lot, including the arrangements of signs, signals, parking lines, direction lines and parking spaces
5.Location map of the parking lot
6.Other Relevant documents
Article 11 of the Parking Lot Code governs application to operate a temporary off-street parking lot. Article 24 of the Parking Code also applies if the application is made according to the Article 25 of the same law. If the operator is a company, business registration certificate should be submitted in addition to the copy of person's ID card.
For more information and the application form, please contact section operational at 27590666 #6327、6335.