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What are the requirements for aliens wishing to take the driver's license test, and what documents should they prepare?

First, an alien must be 18 years or older and pass the health and physical examination at a government hospital, health center, or hospital appointed by the motor vehicle authorities (the health check is not necessary for a general light motorcycle or general heavy motorcycle license). Then, he or she should submit the following documents to a motor vehicle office to apply for the test:
I.An ARC with a term of more than one year (most aliens, citizens of Hong Kong or Macau); permit for sojourn or residence for a term of more than one year (citizens of the PRC)
II.Two 1-inch black and white or color photos, with a plain background, showing clear facial features and no headgear, taken within the past 6 months; three such photos are necessary when applying for a learner's license.
III.Health Certificate for Driver's License, received after the health and physical examination (again, applicants for a motorcycle driver's license can skip the health and physical examination)
IV.Applicants for motor car driver's license
1.Applicants without an overseas driver's license should apply for a learner's license before applying for a regular driver's license. After holding a leaner's license for 3 months, they can apply for a driver's license test with the learner's license and the above documents. Applicants may also take a course at a registered driving school and apply for the test through the organization.
2.Applicants with an overseas driver's license (an English translation is required if the license was issued by a non-Anglophone country) can skip the learner's license and apply for a driver's license at the North Taipei Branch of the MVO (in Shilin District) with the above documents and the original of their overseas driver's license or international driver's license.