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When an alien has returned to his or her native country, how do you transfer the vehicle registered under his or her name?

An alien returning to his or her native country should prepare a power of attorney specifying scope of power assigned to the person handling the transfer, including the type and license plate of the vehicle. This power of attorney must be authenticated by an ROC embassy or trade office in the applicant's native country before being sent back to the assignee. After receiving an authenticated power of attorney, the assignee should bring the vehicle registration, new license plate registration, his or her original ROC Citizen Identity Card, and the seal of both the assignee and new owner, and the motor insurance certificate (valid for at least 30 days), to apply for a vehicle transfer. If the vehicle is a car that was manufactured more than 10 years ago or a motorcycle that was manufactured more than 5 years ago, please complete the temporary inspection before applying for a transfer.