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How can I rent a parking lot?

Parking lots are divided into two types: roadside and off-street. In principle, parking lots cannot be used for other applications except as required for public welfare, construction, or customs. Relevant regulations and application procedure for renting are described below:
1.Renting of roadside parking lot: According to the Road Traffic Management and Punishment Act, if only a part of the parking area is required, permission from the police department should be acquired before applying for renting the parking area.
2.Renting a part of the roadway: According to the regulations governing the use of Taipei City roadways for temporary activities, if a temporary activity is to be held on the roadway, a written application for renting the roadway should be submitted to the Department of Transportation prior to the activity and a notification should be sent to us for further action.
3.Renting of off-street parking lot: Renting of off-street parking lot is not allowed except for use in activities held by (or held in association with) or approved by the city government.