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How can time-limited parking spaces be identified and used?

The words “Time-Limited” and a number are marked on the ground of time-limited parking spaces, and beside the space is a signpost.
Drivers can only park their cars in time-limited parking spaces for up to 1 hour.Parking is regulated from Monday to Friday, except on holidays. On Saturday, We do not implement the time-limited parking policy, the charge is according to the road rate . On Monday to Friday, the traffic warden will write a parking ticket for 1 hour. If the car remains parked for over the parking ticket 1 hour, additional parking tickets will continue to be issued(fine 600~1,200 NTD).
The driver should especially bear in mind that the time-limited parking space is a pay parking space that can only be used for a short time. The premium of the disabled drivers does not apply to the time-limited parking spaces, they should also pay for parking at the time-limited parking space, or will be punished according to the regulations.
The rate of the time-limited parking spaces on SongZhi Road at the east entrance of Taipei City Hall is 60 NTD per hour on weekdays and 50 NTD per hour on weekends.