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Taipei City Goverment

Law/ Regulation

Short Report on Important Statistics of Taipei City

1. The following symbols are used with figures throughout the publication:
 -:no figures --:meaningless ...:not yet available 0:below half a unit
 r:revised p:primary  f:forecasted  e:estimated
2. The data in () of each table represent the change point of percentage or permille.

Online Viewing
(1)Climate (pdf)
(2)Land and Population (pdf)
(3)District Population (pdf)
(4)Population by Age (pdf)
(5)Population Growth(pdf)
(6)District Population Changes(pdf)
(7)Indigenous People and New Immigrants (pdf)
(8)Marital Status (pdf)
(9)Labor Force and Employment(pdf)
(10)Labor Insurance and Employment Service (pdf)
(11)City Library and Cultural Activities (pdf)
(12)Recreational Activities (pdf)
(13)Industry and Commerce Registration (pdf)
(14)Business Enterprises (pdf)
(15)Food Supply and Sale (pdf)
(16)Public Debt (pdf)
(17)Budget Performance
Proportion of Total Executed Amount to Budget (pdf)
Revenues and Expenditures (pdf)
(18)Taxation in Taipei(pdf) (19)Taipei Rapid Transit Systems(TRTS) Project (pdf)
(20)Building Management (pdf)
(21)Water and Gas Supply (pdf)
(22)Motor Vehicles (pdf)
(23)Parking Lots (pdf)
(24)Overall TRTS Operation Condition (pdf)
(25)Overall City Bus Operation Condition (pdf)
(26)Bike Rental Service of Urban Area and Riverside Park(pdf)
(27)Enforcement of Traffic Law (pdf)
(28)Welfare Service for the Elderly, Children and Physically and Mentally Disabled (pdf)
(29)Low Income Households (pdf)
(30)Medication and Emergency Aid to the Citizens (pdf)
(31)Criminal Cases (pdf)
(32)Burglary Cases (pdf)
(33)Burglary and Violence Cases (pdf)
(34)Violations of Social Order and Economic Security(pdf)
(35)Traffic Accidents (pdf)
(36)Fire Defense (pdf)
(37)Public Health (pdf)
(38)Environmental Protection (pdf)
(39)Environmental Cleanliness and Public Nuisance Petition Cases(pdf)
(40)Consumer Price Indices in Taipei (pdf)
(41)Other Indices and Financial Quotation (pdf)
(42)Convenient Services for Citizens (pdf)
(43)Socio-Economic Indicators in Taiwan(pdf)