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Why am I not receiving emails notifying me of the arrival of books reserved? Is there a mechanism in place to ensure that such emails are successfully delivered? What will you do if they are not?

The Library makes sure each email sent is received by finding out whether a message acknowledging receipt is sent back by the recipient's host. If no such message is received, it means the Library's notification has been rejected and returned by the recipient's host. In which case, the system automatically transfers the notification to the Library's phone system and the recipient will be notified by phone.
Emails notifying you of arrival of books reserved are sent in large numbers. Therefore, if you use an application capable of filtering out junk mail, such as Outlook or Webmail, our notification emails may be classified as junk mail and placed in the junk mail folder or deleted for security reasons depending on the filtering features of different recipient hosts and applications.
You are advised to use Outlook or Webmail's mail rules/automatic sorting feature to have emails with a subject of "Taipei Public Library Notice" automatically placed in a folder named "Public Library Notifications" to reduce the chances of emails being deleted by mistake. Our testing shows that if you enable your email service's automatic sorting feature, like registered letters, your emails are more likely to be received and at a faster speed.