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Why are there so many little black mosquitoes at the zoo? Are there preventative measures?

  • Commonly called “wu-wei-ah” or “ou-wei-ah” in Taiwanese or “Little King Kong”, these little black mosquitoes are not mosquitoes. The imago is about 1.5mm.
  • As the zoo covers a large ground and is in the mountain area, summer is the most active period for little black mosquitoes.
  • Aside from regular environmental disinfection, bug repellants are available for visitor use at the stroller rental, souvenir service and shops (the Education Center Boutique, Buffalo Shop, carts, Koala Shop, Bug Stop, Owl Shop, Tiger Shop, Camel Shop, Hippo Shop, Penguin Station, Raccoon Shop, Bird World Coffee, Frog Shop)
  • Long-sleeve clothing and long pants are suggested when visiting the zoo in the summer to avoid bites from black mosquitos.