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What is a Family Library Card? How do I apply?

Each household is permitted to apply for one Family Library Card. It may be used by all members of the household. It may be used to borrow a maximum of 30 books and 5 audiovisual items.  Additionally, 5 popular collections can be borrowed on the same family library card.

1. A Taipei City household certificate or a transcript of Taipei City household certificate with a remaining validity period of at least three months. Visit one of our Reading Sections to apply.

2. Fill out an application form and apply at the counter along with the required documents.

3. After the application form and required documents have been examined and determined to be correct by a Library clerk, a file will be created and a Family Library Card will be issued on the spot. (* Cardholders shall apply to have a change made to their cards if their information changes.)

* When applying for a Family Library Card, other than the household number shown on the household certificate, all information given on the application form should be in accord with the head of the household's personal information.