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New Landmark in Riverside Taipei Guandu Wharf Container Market opened on May 21st

Over the past few years, the Hydraulic Engineering Office of Taipei City had been promoting various development projects to connect the riverbanks with the urban areas, so that the waterfront space was not only used for flood control, but also as the best place for the citizens to enjoy lively, water-friendly, and convenient recreational activities. For example, the Dadaocheng Wharf Container Market had become a must-see landmark for domestic and foreign tourists in Taipei City. Recently, another waterfront attraction, the Guandu Wharf Container Market, was launched, with a grand opening scheduled for May 21st.The Hydraulic Engineering Office invited everyone to experience music, food and 3.5-minute fireworks show to celebrate the summer's waterfront events in Taipei City.

According to the Hydraulic Engineering Office of Taipei City, the City had operated the Guandu Wharf surrounding area for many years, including the bicycle bridge across the entrance of the Jhonggang River and the waterfront plaza of Guandu, which was completed in 2014. Later in 2020, the City launched a project to improve Guandu Wharf and the surrounding area. By 2021, the walkway of Guandu Wharf had been improved, the viewing platform had been expanded and there was an additional checkpoint and art display, so that the platform around the wharf and the piazza space were connected to become a brand-new riverside recreational area. In 2023, the Guandu Wharf Fountain and the surrounding area were completed. This project expanded and optimized the fountain section, added a sand play area and physical fitness facilities and provided more diversified facilities for the citizens to relax and enjoy. In order to diversify the leisure activities in the vicinity of Guandu Wharf, the Hydraulic Engineering Office had referred to the successful case of "Dadaocheng Wharf Container Market" to plan the light refreshment area and commissioned a business vendor to run the "Guandu Wharf Container Market."

The "Guandu Wharf Container Market" had a grand opening ceremony on May 21, 2024.Mediasphere Communications LTD., the operator that ran the Container Market, had organized the event and hopes that everyone could enjoy the Guandu waterfront. Fourteen exotic food vendors, including hamburgers, Okinawan style rice balls, spaghetti, Korean fried chicken, unagi rice, hotdogs, brewed coffees and beer, were available for everyone to taste while enjoying the river scenery. Each container house offered unique taste sensations. In addition, in order to protect the charming riverside scenery, the Container Market had built underground cables, water pipes and sewage system equipment to provide a safe and clean dining environment.

The "Guandu Wharf Container Market" not only combined gourmet food, scenery, musical performances and installation art creations, but also planned to cooperate with maritime operators in the future so that the citizens could enjoy the sunset scenery and natural ecology along the Tamsui River by taking scheduled boats between the Guandu Wharf and Dadaocheng Wharf. Furthermore, the operator planned to organize one-day tours to experience the Dadaocheng Wharf Container Market and Dihua Street, visited the century-old Guandu Temple and the Beitou Hot Springs, so that visitors could gain a deeper understanding of the history, culture and natural scenery of the Beitou district and its surrounding areas. We hoped that Guandu Wharf would become a good place for the public to relax, taste gourmet food and enjoy the natural scenery.

The Hydraulic Engineering Office sincerely invited everyone to witness the grand opening of the "Guandu Wharf Container Market" on 5/21. There were live band performances and a 3.5-minute firework display; we looked forward to having a wonderful moment with you at Guandu Wharf.