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Taipei Zoo: Renewed Penguin House Souvenir Shop to Reopen on April 15

The new Penguin Shop at Taipei ZooThe souvenir shop at Penguin House inside Taipei Zoo offers a wide selection of merchandise for visitors – especially penguin-themed products. A thorough overhaul of the shop was carried out in March of 2023. After a one-month-long construction, the brand-new Penguin House Souvenir Shop began trial operations on April 1, with official reopening slated for April 15.


To offer customers a more relaxing and comfortable shopping environment, Taipei Zoo embarked on the renovation of the store based on the concept of “explorers investigating the icebergs of Antarctica to uncover treasures.” The shop has also been renamed to “Penguin Shop.”


To reflect the concept, the roof, wall, display shelfs and floor of the shop have all been redesigned, with musical note-shaped lights, wooden surfaces, and wooden walls to match the new store interior. The adoption of non-slip wood flooring ensures safer access for people on wheelchairs and parents with baby carriages. 


The brand-new shop not only presents a polished image, but also incorporates the spirit of environmental education and cultural creativity in its merchandises. These interesting products include animal-theme stationary, 3C goods, stuffed animals, keychains, and more. 


To celebrate the reopening of the Penguin Shop, customers who spend over NT$300 between April 15 and May 1 will receive a complimentary souvenir. There are only 300 of these small gifts, so act fast!