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Dahu Street Lane 166 Undergoes Pavement Overhaul

Renewerd pavement for Dahu Street Lane 166The New Construction Office (NCO) announced that it has completed the pavement overhaul of Dahu Road Lane 166 – an important street connecting to Neihu District’s major thoroughfare Chenggong Road Section 5.

According to the agency, Lane 166 is one of the streets which connects to Chenggong Road which sees large traffic volumes throughout the day. However, the constant wear-and-tear combined with the longtime exposure to the elements led to growing concerns about the infrastructure, and the NCO decided to take actions after initial inspection and communicating with the local community.

Chief Lee of NCO’s Road Maintenance Section pointed out that Lane 166 has a width of 10 meters, and is an important street bordering facilities such as MRT Dahu Park Station, Dahu Post Office, Dahu Police Station, as well as a number of nursery and kindergartens. It also provides local residents access to greens such as Dahu Park and Hushan No. 6 Park, which is why many pedestrians use the street throughout the day.

In response to reports of uneven road surfaces and pavement deterioration, the agency immediately began refurbishments at locations where the symptoms are more evident. As of today, it has completed the overhaul of road pavement spanning 396.3 meters (from Dahu Street Lane 158 to No. 32 if Lane 166, as well as the road section on the east side of Hushan No. 6 Park), using roughly NT$2 million.

According to squadron leader Hu of the Road Maintenance 4th Team, the contracted construction firm is responsible for notifying local residents regarding the project one week ahead of time, making community members aware through posters and collaboration with local borough chiefs.