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Mayor Visits Beitou Community College, Shipai Elementary School Elderly Learning Program

Accompanied by Education Commissioner Tang Chih-min and Social Welfare Commissioner Hsu Li-min, Mayor Ko Wen-je visited Beitou Community College on January 8. He also stopped by Shipai Elementary School – the first elementary school in Taipei to implement “Le-ling School” elderly learning program.
The mayor noted that community management is a very important part of his policies. He hopes to incorporate the achievements of various successful experiences in community building and management across the board into a single program within 3 months and implement it in Taipei City.
Remarking that Shipai Elementary School’s Le-ling School is the first implementation of its kind in Taipei, Ko pointed out that the program allows grandparents and their grandchildren to learn in the same area and utilize school space effectively. In addition to strengthening communication between the generations, the learning program also transforms senior citizens into school volunteers and even encourages them to become involved in community building and management.
Ko pointed out that many elderly people in Finland are able to live healthily up to their last moments. Based on Finland’s experience, he believes that the concept of healthy living will be incorporated when the city implements the “Le-ling School” in the future.
In response to comments from the school about lack of funds in building an obstacle-free environment, the mayor indicated that he would utilize the fund he saved from cancelling a number of news and magazine subscriptions at city hall for the project.