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New Education Information Center at Huajiang Park Open for Business

The brand new Education Information Center at Huajiang Waterfowl Nature Park will be open to the public starting this weekend!
To celebrate this important moment, the Animal Protection Office (APO) will join Taipei Municipal Dali Senior High School and Huajiang Wetlands Guardian Alliance in organizing a series of opening activities between 9 AM and 4:30 PM on November 21.
According to APO, the Huajiang Waterfowl Nature Park comprises wetland habitats closest to Taipei City. This area fulfills environmental, educational, research, and leisure needs of local communities. The education information center allows the strengthening of environmental education among visiting students and youths, helping to nurture a new generation of environmentally-conscious citizens.
The agency pointed out that the newly inaugurated facility provides an overview and guide of the natural environment in the park. Visitors can learn more about the biodiversity and wildlife in the surrounding area.
On the day of the opening, there will be a fair and a seminar on local ecology at the park. Visitors will have a chance to bring home souvenirs by taking part in activities at the fair.