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Mayor Activates Lights for Lantern Fest on Valentine’s Day

Mayor Ko Wen-je joined his wife Peggy Chen in activating the lights at the Regent Taipei plaza on Valentine’s Day to mark the first in a series of events for the 2015 Taipei Lantern Festival.
The event also featured 104 couples who joined the mayor in filling a heart-shaped board with LED candles. Ko wished every attending couple a Happy Valentine’s Day.
Ko noted that the theme for the event--“Love and Embrace”--echoes the slogan on his campaign trail—“Embrace with Love; Let the Walls Fall Down.” He wished every couple in the world could realize what love truly means and learn to cherish their loved ones.
Asked by the media if the mayor has ever taken her to the city’s lantern festivals, Chen said she could only recall memories of her bringing kids to the events without the company of her husband. Amusingly, Chen added that as she usually spends Valentine’s Day with her children, she can hardly recall if Ko has ever brought her any Valentine’s Day gifts.
2015 Taipei Lantern Festival is taking place between February 27 and March 8 at Taipei Expo Park. The “Love and Embrace” lights exhibition area spans 2.25 kilometers, covering section 2 and 3 on Zhongshan North Road.