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Trial Operation Kicks-off for 2022 Taipei Expo

The 2022 Taipei Expo at Expo DomeThe opening of the 2022 Taipei Expo “Taipei’s Future – THE FUTURE IS NOW” is slated for August 27 at the Expo Dome of Taipei Expo Park. For early birds and city expo enthusiasts, the city government is holding trial operation of the event between August 20 and 22.
The Taipei Expo is a microcosm of the everyday life in Taipei City. Visitors can invest 60 minutes of their time to explore Taipei’s past and present at the exhibition.
The showcase seeks to present the changes and evolution of the city to visitors through immersive theater, light sculpture projection, digital interaction, city model, dynamic films, and other diversified approaches.
At the venue, the Taipei Urban Intelligence Center (TUIC) zone is in the spotlight, allowing visitors to learn more about the process digitalization. There is a technology hands-on program at the venue for visitors, allowing them to learn how TUIC conducts analysis and how it affects the city through your decisions and lifestyle choices.
According to city hall, the 3-day-long trial operation seeks to provide early birds and enthusiasts with a more in-depth experience of exhibition contents. The public is welcome to visit the Expo Dome during the trial operation, and we will continue to collect feedbacks from visitors to improve and upgrade exhibition-related details before the official opening later this month.