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Mayor Inspects COVID Emergency Clinic Construction Site at CKS Memorial Hall

Officials inspecting the progress of the COVID outpatient clinic at CKS Memorial Hall.Mayor Ko Wen-je arrived at the construction site of the Taipei’s third COVID emergency outpatient clinic, which is located at the Freedom Plaza of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall on May 15.
He was accompanied by Taipei City Hospital Superintendent Chu Da-chen and Deputy Superintendent Huang Tsun-cheng. Other officials joining the group included Minister of Veterans Affairs Feng Shih-kuan and Taipei Veterans General Hospital (TVGH) Superintendent Chen Wei-ming.
The mayor expressed his gratitude to TVGH for its support in the operations of the COVID emergency outpatient clinic while maintaining sufficient manpower at the hospital to look after other patients. The facility at CKS Memorial Hall consists of 4 queues to serve those seeking medical assistance related to COVID-19.
According to the mayor, the temporary clinic will begin test operation on May 16 and open up to the public on May 17. It is manned primarily by TVGH with support from Veterans Affairs Council (VAC) and Taiwan Medical Association (TMA). During the initial stage, the facility will accept up to 400 patients per shift, with 3 shift each day between 8 AM and 8 PM. The current design of the clinic comprises one pedestrian queue, one motorcycle queue, and two car queues – which can be expanded to 3 car queues if necessary. The facility also accommodates visits by vehicles carrying 3 or more passengers. He reminds parents who bring their children to line up at the queue with the sign indicating pediatrics support.
Superintendent Chen thanked the city government for assigning TVGH to this important mission. In addition to conducting COVID screening, the hospital also handles medical care of numerous patients. Despite the COVID outbreak and screening support around the clock, the hospital continues to serve those who require medical attention without interruption. He also praised VAC and TMA for their support in the fight against the pandemic.