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Easter Lilies Blooming at Whitestone Lake

Easter Lilies Blooming at Whitestone LakeThe beginning of summer also marks the start of the lily season. The Baishi Lake area in Neihu is known for its lily population. On one end of the Baishi Lake Suspension Bridge is a pond surrounded by Easter lilies. The Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) has added a pavilion and walking boardwalk in the vicinity to allow visitors to relax and enjoy the wonderful view.
According to elders of the local community, the area used to be a stone quarry known for its white-colored sandstone. As for the Easter lily around the pond, they look different from standard Taiwan Lily due to the white color on both sides of the petals. With a blooming period lasting 2 to 3 weeks, visitors will be able to bask in the sweet aroma when they visit the area during this period.
The GEO points out that the end of May is the best viewing period for lilies. The sight of leaves blown through the air and the sea of white blooming flowers allow one to temporarily forget the summer heat. Furthermore, the golden-color orange daylilies on the slopes are not only pleasing to the eyes, but also play a role in maintaining soil integrity and can endure harsh weather conditions.
Known for its strawberry farms, the Baishi Lake area also boasts a large selection of flowers for viewing. By taking a short ride on bus S2 and disembarking at Bishanyan stop, visitors can offer their prayers at Kaizhang Shengwang Temple before heading off to the suspension bridge. From the bridge, they can take in the beautiful scenery of the surrounding, which includes the indigenous forest of Wuzhishan mountain range and the traditional Minnan/Hokkien-style mansions, and more.
Driving: From the freeway, exit at Chenggong Road interchange and travel in the direction of Donghu. Take a left turn at Jinlong Road and continue to Bishan Road. Follow the signs until you reach Bishanyan.
Public Transportation: Take the MRT to MRT Neihu Station. Transfer to S2 at the station exit and disembark at Bishanyan stop.