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DOT Welcomes Public Input on Selecting YouBike Station Locations

With YouBike quickly becoming a popular option for transportation, the Department of Transportation (DOT) announced the establishment of an online platform allowing residents to submit their suggestions on possible locations for future YouBike stations.
According to DOT, the City will expand the number of rental stations by 60 this year. The locations will be based on a public survey. To provide users with a more accessible public bike hire service, new stations will be set up at locations reachable within a 5-minute walk (a 350-meter perimeter area).
DOT invites the public to submit their opinions on preferred locations at the following Chinese website (http://ppt.cc/by4M), which provides a map on the current rental stations for reference.
Users are advised to follow the instructions on the website to complete the recommendation process and leave a reason as to why they recommend the specific location.
These opinions will be taken into account as DOT conducts a thorough analysis at the end of May. The agency will also consider factors such as transportation needs, land use, and construction matters to determine the locations for future YouBike stations.