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[Level 3 COVID Alert] Level 3 Alert Extended – Social Welfare Institutions, Venues, Childcare Service Suspended through June 14

Deputy Mayor Tsai joins senior citizens during a workout classIn light of rising domestic COVID-19 cases, the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced the extension of island-wide Level 3 Alert through June 14.
In compliance with the CDC’s policy and to minimize the chances of community infection clusters, all city government-affiliated social welfare agencies, venues, and childcare services will suspend operations and classes through June 14.
Social Welfare Commissioner Chou Yu-hsiu remarked that dormitory-type long term care institutions will continue to operate, even though these facilities have already suspended visits by friends and family members since early May to reduce possible exposure. These institutions also monitor contact tracing and contact history of institution staff, as well as making sure that they wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and conduct frequent disinfection to minimize the chance of contagion.
The commissioner added that the following facilities will suspend service through June 14 as well: community daycare center for senior citizens and nursery center for children; long-term care center and daycare centers for the disabled; assembly hall for the disabled; small-scale sheltered workshops; all types of community care stations; all family centers; and senior citizen services centers. The only exceptions are approved individual care cases.
Given the number of positive COVID cases in the community, social workers will also contact supervised individuals through remote channels. If household visit is necessary, the worker will be outfitted with adequate PPEs. For caregiver services, the agency will doublecheck that there are no quarantined individuals or positive cases at the destinations to prevent caregivers from entering high risk environment.
Babysitting and childcare services will be suspended through June 14 in compliance with central government regulations. The only exception is nannies providing around-the-clock childcare, which remains available to meet the demand of frontline pandemic prevention staff and parents with special needs. Parents requiring such service can contact the respective district home childcare service centers for assistance in matchmaking.
The Department of Social Welfare reminds parents to take heed of the physical and mental conditions of their kids during this period. If they notice any abnormalities, they should notify the childcare institution which the child was originally entrusted. The agency also calls upon business owners to grant their workers childcare leaves to take care of young kids at home.