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New Semester! Police Precinct Takes Part in Back-to-School Operation

Police officers from Wenshan 2nd Police Precinct helping out on the first day of school.As a preventative major against COVID-19, the starting date of this semester at local elementary and middle schools has been pushed back to this week. The new semester for the affected school children officially began on February 22.
To ensure that all pandemic prevention measures are in place, the Wenshan Second Police Precinct took part in the back-to-school operations, which cover aspects such as traffic control, road condition reports, and cracking down on traffic violations.
The police precinct dispatched staff from various sections to support the operations, including those from the traffic division and criminal investigation division. They set up post at various locations across the district, such as Jingmei Elementary school, Wugong Elementary School, Chingshin Academy, and Xinghua Elementary School.
The cops also took this opportunity to conduct criminal activity awareness and traffic safety promotion to both kids and parents. The presence of the officers also helps booster public confidence regarding campus security on the first day of school.
The Wenshan Second Police Precinct reminds parents who plan to drive their kids to school to leave home early to avoid traffic jams. For those who need to park their vehicles and take their young kids to their classrooms, they should find a legal parking space and avoid parallel parking! Let us work together to provide kids with a safe and secure school campus!