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2015 Rongbin CNY Street Bazaar: Traffic Control Information

In preparation for the large number of fresh produce shoppers stocking up for the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday, the Zhongshan Police Precinct will be implementing the following traffic control measures to ensure smooth traffic flow in the vicinity of the market.
I. Street Bazaar Location: Lane 410 on Minzu E. Road and Alley 2 on Minzu E. Road (entire alley)
II. Street Bazaar Period: Feb. 11 – 18, 2015
III. Traffic Control Measures:
A. Closed Roads: Lane 410, Minzu E. Road (from Alley 2, Lane 410, Minzu E. Road to Wuchang Street)
B. Areas with Implemented Measures:
1. The zone of traffic control measures implementation is west of Longjiang Road; east of Lane 113, Jianguo N. Road Section 3; south of Minzu e. Road; and north of Wuchang Street (road not included for all aforementioned)
2. U-turning prohibited at intersection of Lane 410 on Minzu E. Road for eastbound traffic. Drivers must continue to Longjiang Road intersection to U-turn.
3. Only east-west traffic allowed for all alleys on Lane 410 of Minzu E. Road.
C. Control of Roadside Parking:
1. Roadside parking space for cars replaced with parking space for motorcycles along the south side of Wuchang Street (between Jianguo N. Road Section 3 intersection and Lane 410, Minzu E. Road intersection)
2. Motorcycle parking allowed on the pedestrian walkway located on the west side of Lane 410, Minzu E. Road
3. Pedestrian walkway along Alley 2, Lane 410, Minzu E. Road is not open to motorcycle parking; the taxi-boarding space and two roadside car parking spaces on the north side will be replaced by motorcycle parking spaces
D. Road Sections with Enforced Citation and Tow-away
1. Minzu E. Road (between Lane 113, Jianguo N. Road intersection and Longjiang Road intersection)
2. Lane 113, Jianguo N. Road
3. Lane 410, Minzu E. Road and the entire Alley 2 of Lane 410, Minzu E. Road
4. Wuchang Street
5. Longjiang Street
6. Jianguo N. Road (between Minzu E. Road intersection and Wuchang Street intersection)
Zhongshan Police Precinct reminds shoppers to take public transportation to Rongbin CNY Street Bazaar to avoid the hassle of traffic congestion and finding parking space. City bus 542 will have more frequent services during this period, with stops at MRT Yuanshan Station and MRT Zhongshan Junior High School Station.