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Service Hours Adjustment for DEP Affiliated Facilities during CNY Holiday

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced adjustments of opening hours for its affiliated facilities during the Chinese New Year Holiday.
The heated swimming pools at the city’s incineration plants--serving to give back to the community--will be closed starting February 18 (Chinese New Year’s Eve) and resume service on February 24.
Apart from that, Fudekeng Restoration Park and Shanshuilu Ecological Park are operating normally during the holiday. To offer visitors more recreational options, grass skiing activity will also be made available from February 21 to 23 at the two venues.
According to DEP, the swimming facilities can be found at Neihu, Muzha, and Beitou refuse incineration plants as well as Sanzhuku Sanitary Landfill. These amenities are free of charge for residents living in respective neighborhoods; residents from other areas can pay to use them.
These swimming pools will be closed on Monday for maintenance. DEP encourages visitors to pay for the services of the aforementioned facilities with EasyCard.
The contact number for the facilities are as follows:
Neihu Refuse Incineration Plant: 2796-1833, ext. 263/264
Muzha Refuse Incineration Plant: 2239-5494, ext. 9
Beitou Refuse Incineration Plant: 2836-0050, ext. 605
Sanzhuku Sanitary Landfill: 2651-1434, ext. 102
Shanshuilu Ecological Park: 2651-4865
Fudekeng Restoration Park: 8230-1969