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Digital Uniform Invoice Donation: Now Possible via EasyCard

During a press conference promoting uniform invoice donation on May 12, Mayor Ko Wen-je demonstrated how to donate digital uniform invoices stored in the EasyCard to charities when making purchases at convenience stores.

The mayor pointed out that the government’s policies on paper use reduction and digital uniform invoices unexpectedly led to a drop in the donation of paper uniform invoices to charities.

Ko stressed that many of these NGOs without government funding have to rely on the slips of papers for their day-to-day operations. While the amount secured through uniform invoices might appear trivial to most people, it is nonetheless an important source of income for many of these organizations.

He hopes to express his gratitude to the Ministry of Finance and EasyCard Corporation for coming up with such an innovative approach, making it possible for consumers to contribute to charities with ease.

The city government also introduced 12 charity organizations in the latest ‘charity codes’ collaboration. Through the respective codes, consumers can donate their invoices electronically at the checkout counter of convenience stores when they make purchases with EasyCards.

I-Mei Foods Corporation general manager and project initiator Kao Chih-ming noted that many disadvantaged groups have encountered challenges in having their voices heard by the public and would benefit from the help of government and enterprises.