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Taipei Arena Ice Land - Single Purchase Offers Free Ice Land Tickets on Work Days

BonusTickets     Fun activities in the winter holidays! The Taipei Children Amusement Park (TCAP), National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSEC), and the Taipei Astronomical Museum (TAM) have joined hands again! Starting from January 19 (Saturday) to March 3 (Sunday), 2019, for only NT$199 you can purchase a “Golden Piggy 3 Hall Tour” pass from the three locations mentioned above during this limited-time offer. Tourists can visit and enjoy discount coupons on a single Maokong Gondola ride and goods at each site.
     Furthermore, the Taipei Arena Ice Land also offers free single tickets for working days. Starting from January 15 (Tuesday) to February 15 (Friday), any single purchase of NT$1200 or more immediately gets you an Ice Land ticket usable on working days between March to May. Enjoy fun on the ice!
     Only NT$199 to enjoy the long holiday! TCAP, NTSEC and TAM offer the pass every year, and is loved by all. This year, from January 19 (Saturday) to March 3 (Thursday), only 10,000 sets of the Golden Piggy pass are available. For not even NT$200 dollars you can enjoy a discount of up to 50%. Pass holders can visit the three sites freely on their own schedule without rushing. The will not need to worry about having to visit all three sites on the same day!
     Users of the free pass can enter TCAP once and experience 5 rides on its large amusement facilities at a discount (originally NT$180). At NTSEC, pass holders can visit the 3rd to 6th-floor permanent exhibitions and the 7th floor current exhibition (requires a visit on the same day, originally NT$120). How could you miss this opportunity to learn something new?
     At the Science Education Center, visit the Dome Theater or the 3D Theater (choose one of two, originally NT$100) to see the vast starry sky. The Golden Piggy pass also offers a bonus gift: Passholders can enjoy discount coupons on a single Maokong Gondola ride and goods at each site so that everyone can enjoy the fun and food on offer.
     Don’t miss the Taipei Arena Ice Land discount offer! Spend over NT$1200 on purchase of the entry ticket, related goods, or rental equipment to receive a free Ice Land ticket that can be used on working days.
     The free ice skating ticket can be used on working days from March to May (holidays excluded). The free ice skating ticket includes two hours of ice activities, while gloves, skate boots, and protection gear are charged separately. Please note that the ticket cannot be refunded or exchanged for money or other goods. Please keep the ticket safe as expired, damaged, or lost tickets will not be reissued or refunded.
     Related events or ticket details will depend on the actual announcements and directions given by the staff. Enjoy and learn ice skating in a safe and fun environment.
     For more details please contact 24-hr Customer Service Hotline at (02) 218-12345, 1999 Citizen Hotline (outer cities please dial 02-27208889), or browse TRTC’s Chinese website (http://www.metro.taipei/).