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Mayor Pledges to Promote Women’s Rights

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended a thank-you concert marking International Women’s Day and celebrating the first anniversary of the city’s Gender Equality Office on March 8.
The concert event was co-organized by the city government and Century Music Foundation.
During the event, women’s rights groups advocated for better policies on issues such as public babysitting service; prevention against domestic violence; after school care; home security for women living alone; workplace gender equality; subsidies for long-term care; taking care of children with special needs; women’s re-employment, birth incentives, and matchmaking service.
Ko paid tribute to women who have made great contributions to society, be it career women or housewives. He pledged that the city government will exert its utmost effort to answer the demands of women’s rights advocates.
The mayor also took the opportunity to apologize over his recent remarks of “imported foreign spouses.” He stressed that it was an unintentional gaffe and he didn’t mean any harm. He added that he does not discriminate against new immigrants and takes the issue seriously.