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Appointments for Kid’s Pfizer/BNT Vaccine Now Being Accepted

Chart on how kids 5-11 can receive their Pfizer/BNT shotIn compliance with the central government’s policy of allowing COVID-19 vaccination for kids 5-11 and booster shots for youths 12-17, the Department of Education (DOE) joined hands with the Department of Health to set up three channels for local parents to book Pfizer-BioNTech (BNT) vaccine for their children.
The three different channels include “Mass Vaccination on Campus,” “Taipei City COVID-19 Vaccination Booking Platform,” and “Appointments at Partner Hospitals”. The BNT vaccine for children will be administered starting May 26, and booster shot delivery for teens will kick-off on May 25.
DOE has sent the vaccination intention forms for both kids 5-11 and youths 12-17 to city schools and kindergartens on May 17. Faculty members have forwarded the forms to parents on May 18, requesting them to fill out and return it within 7 days.
Currently, the city government offers kids in kindergartens and elementary schools (5-11 years old) BNT Children’s Vaccine, while kids 6-12 years old will have the additional choice of Moderna Vaccine. Elementary schoolers 12 or older can also choose the BNT vaccine for adult and book a shot via either the city’s vaccination booking platform or by scheduling appointments with the respective partner hospitals.
For teens 12 and above, the BNT vaccine will be available for first dose, second dose, and booster shot. Those intending to get vaccinated should note that the interval between the first and second dose is 12 weeks or more. The interval between the second shot and booster shot is at least 5 months (150 days). For people who have contracted COVID-19, they should only get vaccinated with a lapse of at least 3 months after the onset date (or confirmed date) of contracting the disease.
The 13th session of Taipei’s COVID-19 Vaccination Booking Platform will be open for children 5-11 and youths 12-17 on May 24 and 25. The available vaccination appointment dates span from May 30 through June 5. Vaccine appointments for kids and children at partner hospitals will start on May 30.
DOE reminds schools to grant vaccination leaves for students planning on taking the shot at hospitals. Those reporting discomfort and other side effects from vaccination should also receive vaccination leaves of 3 days in principle (starting on the day of vaccination). If parents need to accompany their children to the hospital, he or she should be granted pandemic care-giving leave from work as well.