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YDFE Introduces Winter Break Program for Students

/001/Upload/636/relpic/31011/8897385/f3c38a97-ad43-4445-9378-a445e362cac6.jpgAs we approach the end of the year, students are getting ready for their winter breaks! The Youth Development Office and Family Education Center (YDFE) will be offering the “Young-young Camp” program for inspired youths who want to take advantage of the short vacation to learn more knowledge.


The Young-young Camp will feature classes spanning mobile phone photography to design thinking to 3D printing introduction. The photography class, led by instructor Eric Wu, will cover topics such as tips for taking selfies and filming short clips. 


Meanwhile, the class “Innovative Brainstorming Camp” will focus on the concept of design thinking. Participants will form teams to figure out how to transform and optimize mundane items seen at school campuses. 


As for the lesson on 3D printing, students will learn how to use 3D printing to make miniatures and set up model dioramas along with mini-bricks and modeling silicone molds. The class “IOT Window Grill Online Radio Station” integrates laser cut window frame pattern and control of multi-functional radio through programming. This is a great opportunity for participants to obtain more scientific knowledge! 


YDFE offers diversified programs for students seeking to expand their knowledge bases during winter break. In the future, the agency will organize more family learning courses to promote interaction and exchanges between parents and kids. 


For more information, please visit the website of YDFE (Link) or its Facebook fan page in Chinese (Link).