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​World Masters Game Promo Clip Wins Award at ART&TUR 2021

​World Masters Game Promo Clip Wins Award at ART&TUR 2021The Sports Department of Taipei City emerged as a winner in the Best Commercial up to 1-minute category at the ART&TUR 2021 with its World Masters Game 2025 PR Movie!
The ART & TUR International Tourism Festival has been held in Portugal for 14 years and is one of the 14 international film festivals integrated into a global network of similar events by CIFFT (International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals). The festival is also officially recognized by the World Tourism Organization.
As a part of the process to secure hosting rights of the World Masters Game, Taipei City teamed up with New Taipei City to produce two short movies as a part of the submitted application. The two films spotlight the urban landscape and major sports venues in the two municipalities.
In “Episode: Sports Tourism,” the highlight centers on the transformation of activities in day-to-day life into sports. Throughout the film, viewers see glimpses of the diversified tourism resources in Taipei and New Taipei, as well as local gourmet and global index sports competitions. The clip promotes the idea of “Sports without Borders, Infinite Possibilities in Life.”
The “Episode: Venues and Facilities” utilized the merging of 3D animation and actual shot footages to highlight the pursuit of dreams and excellence through athletes involved in sports. By linking scenes taken across different sports venues in both Taipei and New Taipei, the footage won praises from the members of the jury and brought home an award at this year’s ART & TUR festival.
To view the award-winning World Masters Game 2025 PR Movie, visit the following link 
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