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Venerable Chimpanzee at Taipei Zoo Passes Away at 51

Amei, the venerable chimpanzee at Taipei ZooAmei, an elderly chimpanzee who has been a longtime denizen of the zoo even before the facility’s relocation from Yuanshan, passed away on October 12 due to tumor complications. She was 51 years old.
According to Taipei Zoo, Amei showed signs of swelling on her left knee in March this year. The swelling worsened in June, and initial operation and diagnosis identified it as a case of liposarcoma and osteoclastoma. A second operation was conducted in August, 2020. The staff at the zoo celebrated her 51st birthday before the operation.
After the second operation, a scan was performed and the medical team discovered problems including lung consolidation. The chimpanzee woke up two hours after the operation and exhibited symptoms of severe anemia.
On October 12, zoo staff members noticed the recurrence of tumor on Amei’s knee. After reviewing the situation, the vets decided to conduct a third operation Unfortunately, Amei stopped breathing within a short period following anesthesia. After 36 minutes of resuscitation attempts, the chimpanzee was pronounced dead.
Chimpanzee Amei (Background Information)
Birthdate: August 14, 1969
Offspring: The female chimpanzee have mated with three male chimpanzees in her life, producing 3 female and 1 male offspring.