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Ride MRT to Win Red Envelopes – TRTC Frequent Passenger Program Officially Launched on Feb. 1

Gateway at MRT Station The Frequent Passenger Program for commuters taking the MRT was successfully implemented on February 1 (Saturday), and as of February 2, nearly 400,000 transactions totaling more than NT$50 million cash rebates have been successfully reimbursed to passengers’ electronic monetary cards. Passengers yet to do so are reminded to ride the MRT as soon as possible in order to collect their cash rebate red envelope!

Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) has installed kiosks next to the information counter along with top-up machines so riders can check their accumulated number of rides for the months, while the screen on the ticket gate will also display this information. Tests using different types of tickets have been conducted before the equipment is made available to the public. Passengers unable to check for their ride frequency and the accumulated amount of cash rebate using the kiosks inside the stations should contact station staff for assistance.

Passengers using NFC (a SIM card combined with electronic monetary card) to ride the MRT will have their cash rebate successfully reimbursed to their accounts. According to the media report, some people have complained that they are having trouble checking their total fare and ride frequency using an NFC-type electronic monetary card combined with the Go! Taipei MetroGo app; the TRTC has responded by stating that for the convenience of electronic monetary card users, passengers may approach the information counter and ask the station staff to print out their QR code for the purposes of scanning and binding as of February 10.

Once again, those who have yet to collect their cash rebate for January are reminded to ride Taipei Metro as soon as possible in order to claim their red envelopes. As of February 1, when passengers hear the “1-second music and chime” after passing through the ticket gate, it signifies that the cash rebate for their accumulated rides from the previous months has been reimbursed to their tickets.

The TRTC Frequent Passenger Program offers cash rebates to passengers based on their frequency of riding MRT trains every month; in other words, the more frequently they ride the MRT trains the more cash rebates they will receive. Each ticket will offer cash rebates depending on the number of rides accumulated the previous month (maximum 30%), equivalent to 30% off adult tickets. This offers more value for money than the original 20% discount (the discount regulation and amount for legally required tickets such as 1280 All Pass Ticket, Senior Card, Charity Card, and Children Card, as well as transfer discounts, remain unchanged). Moreover, the program is also applicable to 4 electronic monetary card service providers including EasyCard, iPass, iCash, and HappyCash.

The cash rebate percentage of each card each month is determined by the total number of rides
-11-20 times/month: 10% cash rebate, equivalent to 10% off adult tickets
-21-30 times/month: 15% cash rebate, equivalent to 15% off adult tickets
-31-40 times/month: 20% cash rebate, equivalent to 20% off adult tickets
-41-50 times/month: 25% cash rebate, equivalent to 25% off adult tickets
-51 times or more/month: 30% cash rebate, equivalent to 30% off adult tickets
For additional details, please contact the TRTC’s 24-hour customer service hotline (02) 218-12345 and 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline (for callers outside of Taipei, please dial 02-27208889) or refer to the company’s official website (https://www.metro.taipei/).