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Taipei City Fire Department has implemented the "Intelligent Resilient Communication System" marking the nation's first use of the Co-frequency simulcast trunking mode and Ushering a new era of disaster rescue.

Taipei City Fire Department's " Intelligent Resilient Communication System " was officially launched during the 119 Firefighters' Day celebration and Golden Dragon Award ceremony at 2:00 PM on January 19. Mayor Chiang, Wan-An personally presided over the inauguration ceremony, marking the beginning of a new era in the fire department's wireless communication for disaster rescue.

The fire department states that the new 2-way radio system is the nation's first to employ a simultaneous frequency broadcast mode, utilizing a trunking model. It expands from the traditional single command channel to include four independent command channels. This allows the emergency dispatch center to coordinate operations simultaneously in multiple disaster locations without interference. Additionally, the system features GPS, communication encryption, dynamic frequency allocation, and other capabilities, enabling more timely and accurate transmission of radio messages. This enhances the safety and efficiency of rescue and emergency , on the scene.

This system is established with two network control centers and employs optical fiber and microwave technologies as dual-redundant transmission methods. It enables remote monitoring and real-time troubleshooting, while also recording the system's operational history, GPS positioning information of wireless devices, and call recordings. This effectively enhances the quality of radio communication and information transmission.

Taipei City Fire Department emphasizes the urgent need to enhance the safety of disaster response personnel through the application of new technologies. Therefore, the integration of " Intelligent Resilient Communication System " is a comprehensive effort following the introduction of “Taipei City 119 High-Performance Dispatch System” in January of the 2022. By leveraging smart technology and digital applications to enhance operational efficiency, the fire department aims to strengthen disaster rescue effectiveness. This holistic approach aims to safeguard the safety of firefighting personnel, elevate disaster response capabilities, and ensure the creation of a high-quality disaster-resistant Taipei City, ultimately securing the safety of its residents.