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Bravo Takes on New Role as Disaster Prevention Ambassador

With the conclusion of the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei, the event’s mascot Bravo the Bear continues to enjoy great popularity despite being “unemployed” at the moment. To take advantage of the mascot’s fame, the Fire Department announced that it is hiring the bear as its “Disaster Prevention Ambassador.”
The agency held a facebook live broadcast of Bravo’s appointment from the Fire Safety Museum between 9:10 AM and 9:30 AM on September 21.
To allow the mascot to acquire the latest disaster prevention skill, the agency organized an entire course for Bravo at the museum. Bravo will have the opportunity to wear firefighter’s apparel and ride a fire engine.
During the initial stage, the mascot entered the earthquake experience zone and learned the secret of protecting oneself during a tremor – fall flat, seek for cover, and secure a stable location. Next, Bravo enjoyed hands-on experience in putting out a fire with fellow young classmates. After completing the course, the bear received the Ambassador of Disaster Prevention sash to symbolize its new position.
For more information on earthquakes and safety tips, please visit the website of Taiwan Earthquake Drills (http://www.comedrill.com.tw/)(Chinese). Users who register at the website and share their photos of themselves participating in drills between September 21 and October 31 will have a chance to win vouchers for Tsan Kuen electronics retail store worth up to NT$10,000!