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TRTC Strengthens Services for Female Passengers

Working in accordance with Taipei Women’s Rights Promotion Commission, the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation has implemented improvements to various programs seeking to ensure the comfort and convenience for female passengers traveling on the MRT.
The “Night time Waiting Zone for Female Passengers” has been upgraded into “Night time Secure Waiting Zone,” which comes fully equipped with surveillance cameras and intercom. Station staff will also pay additional attention to activities at the zone to ensure the safety of passengers.
In accordance with government policies on breastfeeding, TRTC has also set up breastfeeding rooms at 30 stations for passengers with needs. For travelers who needs to breastfeed babies at stations without such facilities, they may use the station master’s office or employees’ office instead. Please refer to the following link for a guide to breastfeeding facilities at MRT stations: http://www-ws.gov.taipei/001/Upload/public/Attachment/5752219548.jpg
In addition, 11 MRT stations also offer the “I’m pregnant” badges designed by the Department of Health for passengers in the early stages of pregnancy. TRTC itself also provides “I’m pregnant” stickers at all 117 MRT stations for passengers with need.
To accommodate passengers with young kids, TRTC has also established “family-friendly zones” on various trains serving the Songshan Line in December of 2015.
For those who needs to charge their smart phones, all MRT stations offers free power sockets for use. In additional to the standard 110 V sockets, there are also USB sockets for those who need to recharge their device through USB lines.
For passengers who need taxi rides, a small printout with taxi company information can also be acquired from the information counter at MRT stations.
For more information, please contact TRTC via the 24-hour service hotline (TEL:02-218-12345) or the 1999 Citizen Hotline. Information is also available at the company’s Chinese website (http://www.metro.taipei)