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Mayor Lays out Blueprint for a Green, Sustainable Taipei

Mayor Ko Wen-je set out his vision to build Taipei into “an eco city with smart architecture” and “on the path of economic growth while achieving zero growth of energy consumption.” He made the remarks about Taipei in 2050 at the “Green + Togetehr—Sustainable City Summit” on March 19.

During his address, Ko noted that the capital of Taiwan will strive to become a sustainable metropolis, building on its achievement in carbon reduction. The objective will be attained through incorporating the concepts of garden city, green city, advanced sharing society, one-stop service, intelligent management of resources, open government, and public participation.
To effectively reduce energy consumption especially during summertime, Ko highlighted the importance of transforming Taipei into a “sponge city” which, by adopting permeable paving and constructing detention basins, will help mitigate urban heat island effect.
Adhering to the core value of sharing, the mayor reckoned that the City will move towards establishing a seamless transportation network. The plan, encompassing promotion of MRT and adjustment of bus routes as well as rates, seeks to boost public transport utilization from 52% to 80%.
Ko also proposed an ambitious plan to expand Taipei’s cycling network. In the future, roads over 40 meters in width will be equipped with biking paths. The measure will apply to those over 20 meters ultimately. The number of Youbike stations will also expand from 196 to 400, as well as boosting the fleet of bicycles from 6,406 to 13,000. In addition, the City’s taxi system will undergo digitization and improved dispatch management.