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Neigou River Welcomes Summer with Nature Tour Program

The Neigou River Ecological Exhibition Hall will be hosting natural tours led by “Uncle Neigou” on June 27! The tour will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions, taking participants on a trip to sites along the river.
According to Chief Chen Yen-cheng from the Geotechnical Engineering Office’s Forest Recreation Section, the special tours will cover three main topics: “the past and present of Neigou River,” “insect paradise on water,” and “diary of an old stone.” These events combine DIY games, environment walk-and-read tours, observation of natural surroundings, and riverside activities.
Chairman Fang of Huajiang Wetlands Protection Alliance pointed out that “Uncle Neigou” tours seek to introduce visitors to the surrounding environment through discovering answers to intuitive questions such as “Is there coal production in Taipei?”, “What’s in the creeks and rivers?”, “What should you do if rain falls?” and “Why are there patterns on rocks?”
Online registration for the tour kicks off at noon on June 12 at the blog of Neigou River Ecological Exhibition Hall: (http://geneigousi.blogspot.tw)(Chinese). Only limited space is available, so apply soon!
For more information please call the exhibition hall at: (TEL) 02-2581-1365.
Neigou River Ecological Exhibition Hall
Address: No. 236-3, Kangle Street, Neihu District, Taipei City
How to Get There:
1. By Car: Leave National Highway 1 via Kangning Interchange and travel along Donghu Road until reaching and turning onto Kangle Street. Alternatively, Travel on Chenggong Road, continuing along Kanghu Road until reaching Kangle Street.
2. By Bus: Take bus 630, 287, 281, 903, 646, or 53 (disembark at Zhongsan Street and walk for 15 minutes).
3. By MRT: Bannan Line – disembark at MRT Kunyang Station and take bus 1 or 281; Wenhu Line – disembark at either MRT Huzhou Station (transfer to bus 287, 630, 903, or S1) or MRT Donghu Station (take bus 281 or S1).