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Control Yuan Members Inspect Taipei Dome Constructions

Control Yuan members Bau Tzong-ho, Wang Mei-yu, and Chang Kuei-mei arrived at the construction site of Taipei Dome for an inspection visit on November 24.
Deputy Mayor Teng Chia-ji explained that following the visit, the guests from the Control Yuan have acquired a better understanding of the procedures of work suspension, as well as expressing their approval to the city government’s open and transparent approach.
The deputy mayor noted that the overall inspection earlier in the day went smoothly. The primary purpose of the visit by the Control Yuan members was in response to a complaint filed by an association of contractors and Farglory Group. They hope to learn more about the suspension of Taipei Dome constructions and process related to restarting works, and whether the city government is just and fair in its dealings with these matters.
Teng stressed that the major reason for the suspension of works is over 79 listed faults related to the construction project. He suggested that the three sides should sit down and discuss the process, since all parties seek to restart constructions and complete the building as soon as possible. The city government retains an open attitude towards the project.
Referring to the details on resuming constructions, the deputy mayor noted that Farglory should begin the process by submitting the application. The application will be reviewed by the Taiwan Architecture and Building Center, the Taipei City Urban Design Commission, and environmental impact assessment before permission can be granted. The procedure is clear-cut, and each party has its respective roles during each stage.
Deputy Mayor Teng noted that the two major issues being reviewed include the building emergency evacuation and the part related to the City’s comprehensive disaster prevention scheme. The process will be open to the public, and Farglory is welcome to provide opinions through their representatives at these events.