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Taipei Railway Exhibition Brings Back Nostalgic Memories

The Taipei Railway Exhibition at the Discovery Center of Taipei opened to the public on April 10. Organized by Taipei City Government Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT), the exhibition showcases the various railway attendant uniforms across different eras. The agency also decorated the exhibition space to simulate the interior of train cabinets from the 90s.
TPEDOIT noted that the exhibition boasts several sections spotlighting the history of Taipei’s railway development. The artifacts on display – photos of local railway stations before the rails were moved underground; various train models and illustrations; train seats and nostalgic Taiwan Railways’ bento box – are all precious relics from different eras of Taipei’s railway development.
Commissioner of Information and Tourism Chien Yu-yen expressed her gratitude to Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) and Taipei City Archives for co-organizing the exhibition. She also thanked railroad collectors who provided arrays of artifacts for exhibition and TRA Cultural Volunteer.
During the opening press conference today, TPEDOIT invited retired railway attendants wearing uniforms from the 90s and TRA senior railway attendant Hou Shou-xing to perform a long forgotten tea-serving technique: opening the cup lid with one hand while holding tea pot and pouring hot water on the other hand. The exhibit surely brought back visitor’s memories of train rides in the past.
The Taipei Railway Exhibition will run until August 2.
For more information about the exhibition, please visit the Chinese website of the Discovery Center of Taipei (http://discovery.gov.taipei/) or call the 1999 Citizen Hotline (ext. 8630). For non-Taipei caller, please dial 02-27208889.