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Xinsheng Rose Park Heralds Blooming Season

Do you know that there is a secret garden tucked away near Yuanshan that boasts tens of thousands of roses coming in over 600 varieties? The Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) invites the public to relish in a season of blooming roses combined with artistic installations at the Xinsheng Rose Garden.

The English roses at the east area and French roses at the west area of Xinsheng Rose Garden are gradually blossoming. The 60 species of climbing roses, a rarely-seen exhibit zone of such rose clusters, is expected to reach full bloom around mid-April.

PSLO touted that the floral garden is not only home to some of the most unique rose species, but also houses a great number of landscaping designs and installations, serving as prime spots for shooting wedding photos. These include floral trails, heart-shaped flower wreaths, floral arches, Greek pavilions, canopies, and more.

The flowering season of roses, postponed for two weeks due to cold weather damages, will run from mid-April through April 21. Artworks with the theme of roses by National Taiwan Normal University students will also be showcased against the backdrop of the flower sea.

Xinsheng Rose Garden
Opening Hours: 7 AM to 6 PM

Disembark at MRT Yuanshan Station and walk along Yuanshan Park and Taipei Fine Arts Park to reach Xinsheng Park.
Minzu E. Rd. Stop: 279, 285, 606, 685, R34 (Holiday), 109 (Holiday)
Xinsheng Park Stop: 285, R50, 665, M9 (Weekday)
Xinsheng Park (Lin An Tai Historical House) Stop: 72, 222, 527, M9 (Weekday), R34 (Holiday)
Ride from YouBike rental station at MRT Yuanshan Station Exit 2 to Lin An Tai Historical House.