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TCG Completes Campus Disinfection to Protect Teachers, Students Before Schools Commence

Disinfection work at school campusesOn August 29, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) stated that to combat the Covid-19 epidemic and to ensure the health and safety of teachers and students for the new semester in Taipei City, the agency successively targets public and private high schools, junior high schools and public kindergartens in Taipei one week before the school starts.
There is a total of 307 surrounding environments of schools which has been disinfected, as well as numerous outdoor public spaces and facilities. To reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission before the school starts and maintain environmental hygiene in the open space of the schools, it is expected that all campus epidemic prevention and disinfection operations will be completed before the new semester kicks-off.
DEP stated that it will arrange main disinfection work for epidemic prevention needs. The scope of the operation covers the parent pick-up area at the gates on each school, the public environment around the campus, and the outdoor public spaces and facilities (such as on-campus sports grounds, playground equipment, hand washing stations, toilets, etc.).
During the disinfection work, the school will ban access of personnel to the area being cleansed to maintain safety. The epidemic prevention and disinfection personnel administered diluted bleach to eliminate possible viruses and maintain the health and safety of teachers and students. According to the statistics, it has completed 90% of disinfection work for Taipei’s schools as of August 29 (275 schools).
The agency reminds students to wear face mask and maintain social distancing when performing activities in public areas, and to implement personal hygiene protection such as frequent hand washing and discard mask in trash can after used to maintain a safe learning environment on campus.