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The TCG actively promotes a sustainable capital and issues “Social Bonds” amounting to 10 billion

To implement Mayor Chiang, Wan-An’s vision of a city of "sustainable communion and hope for the capital,", After the TCG took the lead in issuing NT$2.5 billion on January 10, 2024, and The Department of Rapid Transit Systems issued the second social bonds on March 25, 2024, with a total issuance of NT$7.5 billion, and the cumulative issuance amount reached NT$10 billion.

Hu Hsiao-lan, the commissioner of DOF, said that in order to achieve the 2050 net-zero carbon emission target, all bureaus and offices of the TCG have comprehensively promoted sustainable development in various aspects such as housing, transportation, and environmental protection. The issuance of sustainable bonds can raise funds to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and social sustainability. The funds required for development goals encourage private enterprises to invest funds in public construction with social benefits and green investment, while also reducing the burden of debt interest, using green finance to create a sustainable win-win scenario for cities, enterprises, and citizens, and moving towards the goal of a sustainable city.

DOF stated that, the second issuance of social bonds is open to small investors and has received enthusiastic support from all walks of life. The issuance amounts are NT$2.1 billion for 2 years, NT$0.7 billion for 3 years, NT$ NT$4.7 billion for 5 years, respectively, Weighted average interest rate 1.247%. All the funds raised is used for the MRT construction projects.

DOF finally stated that, under the 2050 net-zero carbon emission target, raising funds through the issuance of sustainable bonds will be the future trend. In the future, the issuance will be evaluated in a timely manner based on market conditions and the overall fund utilization schedule.