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Community Agriculture Promotion Center Inaugurated

Taipei’s Community Agriculture Promotion Center opened its doors to the public on April 11.
In addition to the establishment of the Agricultural Techniques Education Center and the launch of related services, the facility marks yet another effort on the part of the city government to construct a Garden City. Its conception is a joint collaboration among Department of Economic Development, Taipei Expo Foundation, Taiwan New Village Association, and Farming Urbanism Network Taiwan.
It will serve as a platform to advise likely-minded residents on creating their own community crop-growing gardens through experience-sharing and exchange.
The core value of community vegetable gardens is to establish gardening plots in public spaces where residents are allowed to grow and gather agricultural crops together. Living up to the spirit of “sharing,” the inauguration ceremony featured members of the center who harvested vegetables from the facility and donated the crops to nearby Dalong Senior Care Center.
The business hours of the Community Agriculture Promotion Center will be from 10 AM to noon and 2 PM to 5 PM, Tuesday through Sunday. The indoor space will exhibit examples of Taipei’s community agricultural gardens. Consultation service is available every Saturday and Monday, from 10 AM to noon and 2 PM to 4 PM.
The institution will also hold talks, lectures, or workshops from time to time. Those interested are welcome to visit the Chinese online forum www.urbanfarming.tw to engage in Q&A sessions.